By subscribing, the Customer declares to have read, understood and accepted these terms of use and agrees to be bounded by them. If the Customer don’t agree with (or cannot comply with) these terms of use, then he/she may not use the subscriptions services.

Also, by accepting the present terms of use, the Customer promises that any registration information submitted hereby is true, accurate, and complete, and agrees to keep it that way at all times.


This document describes the terms and conditions related to the subscription service for Juan Valdez® brand products offered through the website


  • The subscription will be automatically renewed.
  • Subscriptions may be suspended by the Customer at least five (5) working days before the following payment date. The subscription may only be suspended for a maximum term of six (6) months, after which it will be automatically cancelled.


  • Valid only for deliveries in the U.S.A. (Not valid in Puerto Rico and Canada).
  • Subscribers must be of legal age.
  • Only three (3) subscription plan can be accessed per person.
  • The subscription is personal and non-transferable.
  • In order to subscribe, the Customer must have an account in Juan Valdez Café Store. Customer can sign up or create an account here:
  • The subscription is subject to payment verification and approval.


  • The subscription will allow the Customer to choose the type and quantity of products, as well as the frequency of deliveries.
  • Active discounts offered through at the payment date will apply.
  • The Customer may change the product references, quantity or the shipping frequency up to five (5) working days before the payment date.
  • Delivery frequency can be chosen by the Customer. The products can be sent at least every two (2) weeks and at most every four (4) weeks. Notwithstanding the frequency chosen, the payment will be debited monthly.
  • The Customer may change its personal shipping and payment information.
  • Suscription orders are shipped monthly. Free shipping is applied for 2 or more products suscriptions.
  • NFCGC reserves the right to reject any order or purchase at any time. In those events, and if the payment had already been debited, NFCGC will make the refund in a term no longer than three (3) days.
  • When a price change occurs, NFCGC will notify via e-mail the new prices to the Customer with no less than fifteen (15) calendar days prior to payment date. Once notified, the Customer will have a maximum of five (5) days to accept via e-mail the price change and continue with the subscription or reject it and terminate the subscription.
  • NFCGC reserves the right to suspend or cancel your subscription due to force majeure events, stock-out, governmental decisions, suspected fraud, among other reasonable events with prior notice of 5 days.


  • Payment method: credit card only.
  • All payments will be charged to the registered credit card.
  • The first payment will be charged upon subscription. The following payments will be automatically charged on a monthly basis on the payment date regardless of the delivery frequency selected by the Customer.
  • NFCGC will process the Customer purchase as promptly as possible. There may be a delay in the activation of your subscription while payment details are verified.
  • No order will be shipped if the credit card is declined and payment is not processed. If the payment is not processed, in the following twenty-four (24) hours NFCGC will contact the Customer through an e-mail to resolve the situation.
  • Applicable taxes may vary. We are not able to notify you in advance of changes in applicable taxes.




  • If the items delivered are damaged, expired or do not match with the ones selected, the Customer may refuse the same by making a notation on the delivery receipt and/or through the service channels specified in the Customer Service section of the present terms of use, within the following five (5) working days. Confirmed the foregoing, NFCGC will replace the item in a term no longer than three (3) calendar days or refund the paid amount, according to the Customer will.




  • The Customer may cancel the subscription at any time by clicking on “cancel” in his/her Juan Valdez account. If the Customer have problems with the cancellation, he/ she can send an email to
  • Subscriptions must be cancelled at least five (5) days before payment date. If cancellation occurs after payment date the order will be delivered and charged. The Customer may cancel the subscription without any cost within the first five (5) working days after the payment date. In such case, the paid subscription fee will be returned within the following three (3) days depending on the corresponding bank refund policy. If the subscription is cancelled after the fifth day, the subscription fee for such month will not be returned.
  • Even if Customer cancels the subscription, NFCGC may still send promotional communications to the same, unless he/she request NFCGC to stop those communications.



  • Subscribers may be granted with exclusive benefits from time to time at NFCGC´s sole discretion. The information and terms applicable to these benefits will be informed by e-mail.


For customer support with subscription-related and payment-related questions please contact us via We will use reasonable endeavors to respond to all customer queries within a reasonable time frame but we make no promises that any customer queries will be responded to within any particular time frame and/or that we will be able to answer any such queries.